Getting my footing with wide angle portraits

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Re: Getting my footing with wide angle portraits

Shutter Crazy wrote:

Compositions are great for your purpose of showing your subjects in their domestic surroundings as remembered by family. However your subjects are out of focus. Pretty sure it is movement blur from camera shake or them moving. Your camera should have good enough higher ISO performance to be able to achieve faster shutter to avoid this. Another issue with kitchen photo is that lady's face is dark and "lost" against the bright window light. This can be adjusted in PP

I agree they could be a little sharper, but are you looking at just the post here or are you doing a couple of clicks to view originals?  They are much much sharper even at screen size if you do this.  At 100% his grandfather is a little blur, grandmother just a tad soft, but using a 24mp camera it is hard to nail anything at 100%.   I hate that about posting on here, even tack sharp images look very soft in the post.

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