Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

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Re: Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

absh wrote:

geoff35 wrote:

Hi apologies if its already been covered. But I was under the impression these lenses were designed for half frame film, therefore their area of coverage is almost identical to the apc sensor area essentially negating the crop factor. So the 40mm lens would probably be closer to 42mm than the assumed 60mm fOV. Perhaps those of you with this lens might be able to confirm this.

Incorrect. The 40mm half-frame lens will still have the same angle of view on a full-frame sensor (or film) as a regular 40mm lens, but with significant vignetting. You still need to account for the crop factor to estimate the 35-mm equivalent FD.

Thanks absh,  so to be clear the 40mm half frame lens will still produce a 60mm equivalent FD taking into account the 1.5x crop factor?

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