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Robiro wrote:

Erik, you need to start with your picture in a separate post under the first one.

The poor horse got his head cut. Why is everybody always interested more in carriage than in the animal responsible for moving it???

Good post-processing. It is believable!

The poor horse "never HAD a head" this was film shot om Kodachrome so only one shot was taken.

The original is here:


This rendition was derived from the relectin of the back of the slide, straightened, turned into a positive and the cars removed as some suggested on the original. I just removed the modern car and replaced it with the sort of blur one usually sees on early "salt prints" (so called because they were made on ordinary writing paper sensitized with Silver Nitrate and regular salt - Talbot invented the "negative-positive" system but his 'negatives' were paper instead of glass or film, so they wer blurry.)

Here's a salt print from the 1850's, showing the effect I was imitating since the reflected image already had a similar look:

I'm curious - why do you think I should post my weekly "thread-opening" shot separately? I notice that the "wildlife" thread is done that way.

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