micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: Get the Panasonic F/2.8 zooms

Jack Hass wrote:

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Jack Hass wrote:

Sony's newest sensor is the brand new 24 mp is found in the NEX-like A6000 model, which has not yet hit the streets. It is considered that it's performance will beat the current reigning champ of DxO comparisons (of M43 and APS-C cameras) the 3 year old NEX-7 model by one full f-stop. So lacking any data for the A6000, I have put 3 known cameras to the test on DxO: the Olympus OM-D E-M, the cheap $300 Sony NEX-3, and the Sony NEX-7. Results:

if there is no data, how do you know it will be a full stop better? And how do you know it's brand new? Are you saying sony designed two different 24mp apsc sensors? Where did you read this?

Yes, the first 24 mp sensor was for the SLT A77 DSLR model and that sensor was transplanted into the new NEX-7. It was IMO not totally suitable being designed for a longer-registry camera, leading to difficulties with some wide & rangefinder lenses. This is a brand-new sensor design, purpose built for the application.

Much has been uncovered and documented on the NEX forum. You should review the archives there. The 1 f-stop is not solid but acceptably correct by most forum members right now. You can imagine the excitement this new camera has engendered but there is only one decent review so far, by Alin Popescu in Rumania. Naturally he couldn't test for everything and had to return the camera to Sony.


If the answer to these questions is "just a hunch", no more troll snacks for you.

I have spent many hours on the subject.

As you can see, the cheap 3N beats the hugely exaggerated capability of the EM-1 by 1 point. (74 to 73)

camera price means nothing, the 3n is a stripped down NEX6.

No it is not. It's a smaller cheap plastic body without a lot of features.  The NEX 6 (and the cousin camera 5R) were actually introduced over a year after the NEX-7 and are the most up-to-date of the series.

And the NEX-7 scores 81 points, simply blowing the EM-1 out of the water. They used to say, "you can't beat cubic inches." Well it's the same here; you can't beat a bigger sensor. APS-C wins over M43, every time.

M43 is not even and it never will be. You can't can't beat the rules of physics.

for starters it's "laws" not rules. And nobody is beating them, don't need to. Panasonic will gain a full stop of light when their color filter goes into production. Why do you think Sony is pushing FF nex so hard, they know what is coming from MFT. APSC nex will be dumped, better sell them lenses while you can!! This is why they admitted to focusing on FF lenses right now. Anybody buying APSC lenses for NEX is investing a loss.

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May Satan forever guide you.

You are babbling again.

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