HELP!!! K3 misbehAving OR I may be confused

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Re: I have a strong case for the answer!!! look here!!!

awaldram wrote:

steelski wrote:

sorry but you assume too much. the green mode photo looks fine at iso200 f8 1/1000
this is only 1/2 stop difference ish from iso100 f10 1/200.

And the exposure is of by 1/2 to 1 stop.!

It indicates the image if heavily overexposed,

I hope you mean"It indicates the image is heavily overexposed" otherwise I do not get the context.

2/3rds a stop over the correct image is by no means fully overexposed, and in no way heavily overexposed. The original image I would boost by possibly 0.2- 0.5
Infact I took some liberty to do this. 
boosted by 0.7 in photoshop exposure tool. Also yielded the same result in ACR. 
The sunny 16 rule is only valid in midday sun....... in the summer. and is used to make a safe image for very flexible film.

Sorry to the OP, but this is getting off topic.

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