How I got UHD (~4k) working on a MAC Mini

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Re: How I got UHD (~4k) working on a MAC Mini

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Apparently Apple did something in Mavericks to make the code not easily crackable now or something. Maybe it's possible though. I don't know too much about the innards of MACs. I have no idea why they would want to do that since usually companies like high adoption rates for new OS.

Apple cares zero about how easy or hard it is to do those kind of hacks. People in general don't buy Macs to tinker with them on this level, only a tiny minority will ever even think about that. It's like other product categories, some people are happy to self-assembles stuff (eg, furniture) and others don't want to deal with that. Apple is only targeting the latter half. That doesn't mean that one thing is better than the other, just that there are different kind of people out there and every company is trying to find its audience.

Perhaps, but the reason it was brought up the way it was is that the guy who did the original hack says that this section of Mavericks code now appears to be signed and it wasn't before so now it's tough to modify since it fails the signature test and the OS seems to reject any changes to these modules if altered now and locks out apparently. (although perhaps they have also signed tons of other stuff and it was done for other reasons)

They keep signing more and more and sandboxing more and more with each OS release for the purpose of making the OS safer. What else would be the purpose of signing code? Do car manufacturers add anti-theft devices to their cars to make it harder for their customers to modify their car remote (eg, to add a proximity based features)? Or do they do it to make the cars harder to steal?

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