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Re: More pixels?

golf1982 wrote:

Now we have 16, 24 and 36mp models, it seems that at these levels we have almost everyones needs covered. though this was also said by some at 6 and 12 mp. I just wondered if there are many people who feel they would benefit from more than 24 and 36 in an upgrade, and as these MP numbers keep on rising, or will they plateau, a bit like intel's MHZ bumps,

They will tend to rise. There is an ecology of fabrication technology amongst the big producers. Most of the money and R&D effort is in the tiny sensors for phonecams, and the competitive pressure is to improve those and increase the pixel counts. This needs new processes and new fabrication lines with finer geometry, which in turn means that the older lines get released for making bigger sensors. So, the end effect is that at each sensor size, the available geometry gets finer - which means that the optimum pixel size reduces. The other effect is that bigger sensors become more easily available, because they can make use of the older coarse geometry lines and there is not so much product that can be put through those lines, so, for instance, now Sony is making a 50MP medium format sensor for Phase 1.

I think the problem is that workflows don't seem to adapt to the new high resolution sensors. I workflow based around downsampling should be differently optimised to one based around upsampling.

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