Why is the 42.5 F/1.2 $1600 when the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is only $1000?

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Wrong, wrong, wrong, I'm afraid.

The pricing has nothing to do with the construction of the lens, aside from the fact that it is an f1.2 medium tele.

Panasonic thinks/hopes they can sell it at that price to a large number of people wanting such a lens. If so, it will stay at that price. If not the price will fall to a point that finds some more or less optimum number of willing buyers, and at which Panasonic is willing to sell to them.

This is simple economics, and applies to anything that is bought and sold in a competitive market - lenses, tomatoes, shoe shines, surgeon's fees and whatever.

Economies of scale make m43 more expensive to make and sell than APS-C DSLRs. But that is mostly irrelevant to initial pricing, other than that neither Panasonic nor Olympus has a history of "loss leader" pricing.

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