Why is the 42.5 F/1.2 $1600 when the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is only $1000?

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Re: Why is the 42.5 F/1.2 $1600 when the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is only $1000?

tgutgu wrote:

To me, it is a stupid idea to switch a system, because just one lens is more expensive than an equivalent lens from another vendor.

The problem with that is that it is not equivalent , the Fuji 56mm F1.2 has the same AOV,DOF and gathers the same total light as an f0.95 mFT lens would . Though I do agree with you that you would have to have a very niche shooting interest for one specific lens to make you jump ship.

So, don't get fooled by the retro concept of the X-T1, it is not as great as it looks. Don't get fooled by the price of one lens you desire. m4/3 is not generally more expensive, in fact on average Fuji X lenses cost a lot more.

If you look at genuinely equivalent { sorry, but you did mention it first  } lenses the Fuji options are no more expensive than mFT alternatives and in some cases notably less expensive the Fuji 18-55mm has the same DOF,AOV and total light gathering ability of a mFT 14-41mm F2.2-3 yet it is few hundred quid cheaper than either the Pany 12-35 or Olympus 12-40 . Then most critically of all is the superiority of the sensor in the Fuji, it has better shadow noise at all ISO settings, and the advantage is very obvious at high ISO. Fuji high ISO files processed with photo ninja are pretty amazing. Even with ACR which is not the best for Fuji the differences at high ISO are quite significant .This is the E-M1 { on left} compared to the X-T1 no NR straight, ACR defaults only change is to upsize the E-M1 file by 8% to equal output size.

E-M1 left vs X-T1 at 3200ISO

If i did not enjoy video so much I would seriously consider the Fuji option but it simply sucks at video compared to the Panasonic GH3 , then so does the E-M1.


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