Raynox M-150 og M-250 Macro for FZ200 ?

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Re: Raynox M-150 og M-250 Macro for FZ200 ?

I have both the 150 and 250, which I use with my Canon SX30.
If you want to choose just one of them, I would recommend the 150. Even though it is the weaker of the two, it is easier to use and more of the shots are keepers. The larger working distance (approx 8 inches vs 5 inches for the 250) makes it easier to avoid casting a shadow on your subject and you are less likely to scare insects away.

With the FZ200's 108 mm maximum focal length and focus set to infinity,
the Raynox 150 (4.8 diopter 208.33mm)gives an approximate magnification of
108 mm / 208.33 mm = 0.52x on the sensor

For the Raynox 250 (8 diopter, 125 mm) 108 mm / 125 mm = 0.86x on the sensor

For "effective magnification", you multiply these by the crop factor of 5.56

Actual Magnification            Effective Magnification
                     (on sensor)               (how it fills the frame compared
                                                          with full-frame sensor)
Raynox 150        0.52x                                  2.9x
Raynox 250        0.86x                                  4.8x

The Raynox closeup lenses attach with a spring-loaded "universal adaptor", which is what I use and find convenient, although some people prefer to use adapter rings.

Focus-stacking is a fun technique for combining multiple shots in order to increase the DOF. Here is one of my posts with some technical details about DOF, use of macro rails and the Zerene Stacker software:


Here are some of my stacked shots of small flowers taken with the Raynox-150:


If you don't want the bother of stacking, you can still get excellent handheld closeup shots. Again, I would recommend the Raynox 150. The price is around $75 U.S. if you shop around (includes the spring-loaded "universal adaptor"). You can have a lot of fun without any extra equipment. If you want to do focus-stacking, besides a tripod, macro-rails start around $70 and Zerene Stacker is $89 U.S.

I hope this helps.

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