This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

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I have been a raw shooter since my first digital camera in 2005.  Last year when I acquired my RX1, I found myself converting many of my images to black and white.  So, I decided to shoot raw plus b&w jpeg, thinking I would use the b&w jpegs as a preview to help decide which images to convert from raw to b&w.  I discovered, though, that the RX1's b&w jpegs are very good, and so now I use them rather than raw for the vast majority of my b&w images, with some PP.

Then, a short time ago, there was a heated debate here at dpreview about the merits of jpeg versus raw, with at least one poster claiming that Sony's jpegs were at least as good as, and often superior to, raw.  So, I tried shooting raw plus jpeg for my color images, too, and I learned that Sony's jpegs are very good for color as well as b&w.  In particular, by comparing Sony's jpegs with mine, I was able to improve my Lightroom and Camera Raw sharpening defaults and techniques.

While I still rely mostly on raw because of its greater flexibility, I no longer discount the camera makers' understanding of how best to process their cameras' files into jpegs. If you haven't already, you might want to give your out-of-camera jpegs a try.

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