Why is the 42.5 F/1.2 $1600 when the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is only $1000?

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Re: Why is the 42.5 F/1.2 $1600 when the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is only $1000?

To me, it is a stupid idea to switch a system, because just one lens is more expensive than an equivalent lens from another vendor.

One fact will always remain, and that is the main selling point of m4/3: you can't make small lenses without shrinking the sensor. Also Fuji cannot do magic. All Fuji X lenses except standard ones (around 50mm FF equiv.) are considerably larger than m4/3 counterparts. So for a mountaineer that should be enough reason to stick with m4/3.

Also, I have had an X-T1 in my hand, and although being a fine camera, I definitely find the handling of the E-M1 superior. The dedicated controls of the X-T1 might look attractive, but they are awkward to operate while looking through the finder. The E-M1 controls are designed to be operated without changing hand position while shooting. You can change exposure compensation (which I do with almost every image) with the wheel around the shutter, thus, in shooting position. With the X-T1 you need two fingers to move the exposure compensation dial. Honestly, I don't need an exposure compensation dial with explicit values on it, because I adjust exposure compensation visually while looking through the finder, that is the advantage of EVFs. So with EVFs the X-T1 concept is rather pointless.

For changing aperture, I use the right hand thumb with the rear dial at the E-M1. At the Fuji X-T1 you need to use your left hand to do this, which you might not always be able to do while at the mountain.

Some of the X-T1 buttons and wheels aren't well positioned, something which can be said about the E-M1 at best only from the on/off switch.

The view finders of both cameras have about the same quality, the X-T1 finder being slightly larger.

Don't get me wrong, the X-T1 is a fine camera, but I don't see the usability benefits some people proclaim. To me the E-M1 has by a good margin the edge here.

So, don't get fooled by the retro concept of the X-T1, it is not as great as it looks. Don't get fooled by the price of one lens you desire. m4/3 is not generally more expensive, in fact on average Fuji X lenses cost a lot more.

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