HELP!!! K3 misbehAving OR I may be confused

Started Mar 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Ken Barley Junior Member • Posts: 38
Been there. Done that.

Can't comment on TAv, as shoot most of my stuff in Av, and as RAW.

However one thing I have noticed with the K-3 is how easy it is to activate the custom image setting (right arrow) on the 4-way controller.

Never happened accidently on my K-5, where the position of the controller is slightly different compared to hand.

But happens all the time on the K-3. Usually just after taking a shot and you normally realise something is wrong and hit 'MENU'. [Blame the hand not the K-3!]

The detail playback screen (toggle using INFO) shows colour mode settings for the shot being viewed on the right hand side. It is always a good idea to memorise the 'normal' settings . Then when something untoward happens you can do a quick check.

Obviously if you are shooting RAW it doesn't matter.


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