micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: Get the Panasonic F/2.8 zooms

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As for Dynamic Range look at how the E-M1 has more than other APS cameras even after adjusting images to the same resolution. I don't think there is a big enough difference to matter, but clearly the smaller sensor has no disadvantage.

Your Comparing an Canon which are known to be poor in dynamic range and an 3year old 16mp sony which has been great for many years but has been superceded. Then you picked the best most expensive m43 body. This gives flawed results. If you compare systems compare it to the best. M43 has come a very long way and it's no longer way behind as it was in the past. But New apsc sensors still have an edge.

Agreed. Then picking one of the most cheaply constructed lenses in M43, the 40-150 puts this into the scrambled-egg nonsensical stew pot. Beware the M43 shills.

Guess what geniuses, the sensor in the EM1 is made by panasonic, and it's not their newest that you will find in the GX7. It's the prior generation. If you have issue accepting that MFT can match the DR of APSC sensors perhaps you should burry your head further in the sand because it's not changing any time soon. Color sensativity is exactly the same, and SNR is only a hair off.

Barnet, Canon is well known to be poor in DR, but only at lower ISO. It catches and sometimes passes the competition once ISO gets higher. How about we take a look at the newest then? Sony's newest sensor, the 20mp found in many new cameras, and Canon's newest, the 20mp found in the 70D. These lined up against Panasonic's LAST GENERATION sensor.

Now that we can avoid the excuses of sensor generations, maybe the OP can get some useful advice. MFT is nearly even with APSC IQ, and in the near future will far surpass it. Lenses are smaller, bodies offer both small and large, and there are no APSC lenses that can match the IQ of MFT glass.

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