Apeture and Shutter Speed

Started Mar 1, 2014 | Questions thread
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Why are they blurry?

You need to first determine why the photos are blurry.  Are they blurry because they're out-of-focus, or because of motion blur, or both?

Underexposure happens because you are probably using inadequate lenses for the conditions, or because you are relying on incorrectly-configured automatic metering to do the thinking for you.  Photography is about collecting light.  If you can't add light, you need to drag the shutter and use lenses with f/2.8 or faster relative apertures.

If you haven't learned such a basic concept after several years and photo education courses, you need to change your learning and practising methods.  The photo education courses weren't doing the job of teaching photographic techniques, or you didn't understand what was being taught but still passed the courses.  You may need to forget everything and start over with properly-learned basics.

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