Obsession over - Oly em10 being ordered - EZ kit lens or Pana 12-32mm??

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Re: Obsession over - Oly em10 being ordered - EZ kit lens or Pana 12-32mm??

photohounds wrote:

techiecool wrote:

Sorry. My mistake. Didn't read carefully.

Fair bit of vignetting and CA with this lens.

Did you actually look at the CA numbers or just the shape of the curve? It is actually quite good for CA. Yes, it has more CA at 12 but it is relatively low. Check the numbers.

Vignetting is a little high but still good considering the focal length and size of the lens. This is fixed in camera anyway.

The 14-42 isn't any better at this.

Has anyone seen reports on the new 14-42 yet?

Yes, two reviews. Both agree in that the 12-32's IQ is far better than the 14-42.

Small space sacrifice, but the Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R is impressive .. for a kit lens.

yes, not bad. I think it is better than the Panny original 14-42 but not as good as the 14-45. The 12-32 gives the 14-45 a very good run for its money and actually beats it in resolution.

I had both the Oly and Panny 14-42 and still have the 14-45. Now the 12-32.

I saw no point in buying the 14-42 EZ as it is the same lens as the IIr and, for about the same price, I got the 12-32.

Manual extension, however it IS smaller in diameter.

Which one are you talking about. I read that the 14-42 EZ was wider than the 12-32 but a tiny bit shorter when collapsed. Not enough either way to bother about.

Some samples in use .. (I sometimes shove it in a coat pocket on the EM-5)

M. Zuiko-14-42 mk2
See also the slrgear review.

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