How I got UHD (~4k) working on a MAC Mini

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Re: How I got UHD (~4k) working on a MAC Mini

bronxbombers4 wrote:

Dell UP2414Q UHD monitor

OK, wow, actually got my MAC Mini to be able to support 3840x2160 or 1920x1080p HiDPI modes.

2. Go here and follow the to install the mac-pixel-clock patch to unlock higher pixel clocks.

Is that modifying the driver such that unlocks higher speeds, ie, patching binary mode or are these speeds somewhere in plain text?

So wow even a non-retina, little old Mac Mini can drive it just fine! It looks AWESOME! Well, so long as you didn't go to Mavericks! Hopefully they will hack Mavericks too. Or even better Apple will just unlock the port as well as make all of these options built-in and obvious and also get 60Hz drivers going too.

The 2013 Mac Pro can drive 4K at 60 Hz, the 2013 rMBPs can drive 4K at 30 Hz (and they have a one year newer Intel graphics than your Mac Mini, assuming it's a 2012 model). I think Apple just put a lid on GPU load to get a smoother graphics and possibly avoid overheating of the GPU inside a laptop.

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