$1300 to spend in Pentax K3 or Fuji XT-1

Started Feb 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: $1300 to spend in Pentax K3 or Fuji XT-1

Samsunguser wrote:

which would be your decission?

Obviously everyone has different photographic needs.  The Fuji has much better burst depth and also has 1080p/60 video which is much better for slomo (the K3 is 1080i/60).   The big problem with the Fuji is very few lenses and a total lack of significant telezoom lenses.  But those are supposed to be on the drawing board.

I just sold a K5, which was great, but heavy.  I also wanted something with more potential for video since I got into making surf movies.  I will keep shooting with my GH3 until the Fuji telezoom lenses come on line, then buy the Fuji.

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