28-70 Kit vs 24-70 on A7

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Re: 28-70 Kit vs 24-70 on A7

viking79 wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Jun2 wrote:

The corner is much better with 24-70. The corner sharpness is very good with 24-70.

With my copy, I am not impressed with the corner sharpness of the 24-70mm f/4 at all. It seems decent enough by 50mm, but don't think it is much different than the 28-70mm overall. The issue is, my good copy of the 28-70mm I had to send back to return a broken A7, and my current copy is maybe a bit average.

I need to check on the A7, but on the A7R it has pretty strong green cast to the corners/edges and soft corners at most settings before 50mm or so. Doing side by side with my current 28-70mm and it is better, but still feels like a kit lens. I think 28-70mm on A7 is about like 24-70mm on A7R. The build quality of the 24-70mm f/4 is very nice though.


Looking more at the green cast in the corners, it is aggravated by uncorrected vignetting, even with vignetting correction on, quite a lot remains, so if I manually correct the lens for vignetting, the green cast isn't very noticeable. In Lightroom I can apply a radial filter that increases temperature in the corners a bit and it nicely corrects this.

I hope the Lightroom profile for the 24-70mm is available soon, it would make me like the lens a lot more. I can't even test it at 70mm yet since the distortion is too high for my chart...


If your not happy with it why not consider swapping it for another copy. Is it still the same with I.S switched off?

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