This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

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Re: JPGs are better than most suppose...

nannyg wrote:

You must be using some sort of trickery there.

There's nothing tricky in my post-processing, as any normal and practical people, I use most popular Photoshop controls as Brightness&Contrast, Highlights&Shadows, Hue&Saturation, Levels, Curves, Unsharpness mask and one than another Topaz and/or NIK filters, that's all.

The true truth is that (apart from terrible for pixel peeping jpg artifacts) JPGs are much better than what any RAW fanatic would like to admit.

Everyone knows only people taking "snapshots" ever shoot in JPEG because only RAW has sliders and only RAW can be adjusted,

Photoshop has setting sliders for adjusting images of any format: TIFF, RAW, JPEG, PNG...

and RAW is like a photo negative that never changes, so that when technology changes, you can go back and spend more hours messing with them,

Right!, but I see no need for using a dedicated RAW developing software meanwhile being able to process RAW images in simple Photoshop without any additional complication.

which you can't do with JPEG, because it's "cooked", like bacon, and can never go back to the original, which was never really altered in the first place,

It all depends on what is called "original"... it can be the already altered image produced by the camera software, the altered image produced by the RAW processor or the compressed images produced by JPG, all of them have been already altered but the unaltered binary numbers that produces the camera sensor which nobody can use for anything without being translated (altered) for viewing.

If not having recorded RAWs, I always keep my cooked original JPGs for future purposes.

... because you can't really PP a JPEG,

Really? look at the posted image and tell me if it can't be done... very probably you simply have not given it a try, have you?

and why would you want to anyway, since it obviously wasn't worth taking in RAW, so it wasn't an important photo, like the one the OP shows, which is destined for Life Magazine, I think...

Only if shooting memorable events I use RAW, just in case of...

Another example of impossible to PP JPG:

Original bacon cooked JPG

Post processed bacon cooked JPG

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