My views on the D4s, somewhat dissappointing

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Re: My views on the D4s, somewhat dissappointing

mainframedc wrote:

My views on the D4s

I like THE D4 and D4s but, D4S IS VERY DISAPPOINTING; 30% exspeed processor performance increase is a poor and inadequate; better processors are available. No USB3 is also unacceptable. 16 megapixel should be 28MP or no lower than 24MP.

The greatest feature they added to the D4s is 1000 gigabit LAN; long overdue! The higher ISO range useless because the noise issues have not yet been conquered in consumer cmos sensors; we are about 3 years away.

I will will keep my eleven D4 and d800E cameras until the D5 or D7 is here with really advanced features.

I do commend Nikon for the faster auto focus, improved video resolution and D4s remains the Nikon best Nikon camera for sports/high-action shooters. Nikon video is still behind that of Sony and Panasonic but, I believe that is by Nikon's choice.

For my serious video work, I still shot with Sony f-series XDCAM cameras.

However, if Nikon's sports camera can not reach 15 frames per second and 3 stops of improved noise reduction (especially luminous noise reduction), then I will not replace my 11 D4 cameras.

After loving the UsB3 performance of the 800e cameras, I will not buy any DSLR camera with usb 2 any more!

Yeah, a total "FAIL" on Nikon's part.  Why buy a D4S when you can get a Nokia phone witha 41 MP camera!

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