More pixels?

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Re: More pixels?

36 is great; you can print a 16" x 24" at 300 dpi. I wish Canon had a 36 megapixel body. Ultimately I'd like to be able to print 24" x 36" at 300 dpi with one shot instead of a stitch. So that's about 78 megapixels. Since I can't see myself ever printing a digital image larger than 24" x 36", I don't see myself ever needing more than 78. For larger prints I'd rather use a 4" x 5" rail camera.

78 megapixels for a 24mm x 36mm sensor isn't unrealistic, by the way.  The pixel dimensions would be 10800 x 7200, and the pixel pitch would be about 3.33 microns.  A lot of compact cameras have smaller pixels.

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