What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Re: Do the dictionary definitions not apply?

AdSR wrote:

That then raises the question of what is a photographer? Is it really just anyone who takes a picture with a camera? I am fairly competent with a DSLR, but don't consider myself a photographer, especially when compared to many of you. Or maybe it is relative. Compared to my 11yr old granddaughter using her dad's old D90, I might be considered a photographer, Nah.

Anyone who takes a picture intentionally. It's the intent that makes you a photographer. The quality of your work is just a quantitative measure of how well you transform that intent into results. That quality is relative to other photographers' work and depends on who's evaluating it (and by what measure).

So then a professional photographer is someone who makes a significant income by taking photographs. As several people have already said, it is all pretty simple really.

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