How many are selling their NEX-7 for the A6000

Started Mar 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
calxn Contributing Member • Posts: 806
Yup, I am

I am currently using the NEX 7 as a backup to my A7R and for use with compact zooms.  It's not a guarantee that I will get an A6000, but if I do keep my preorder, the NEX 7 will be gone.  I like the new menu system and control layout much better.  For those who want to stay with the tri-nav, I just simply shake my head and LOL at you guys.  Once you set your tri-nav settings, you really never need to change it again.  The configurability becomes a moot feature after that.  Anyway, having similar control layout and menu as the A7R means I will be able to pick up the A6000 and use it seemlessly.

I am still debating on Fuji though, mainly for color, lens, and skin tones.  Sony, like all digital cameras outside of Canon and Fuji renders all skin tones a little too reddish and is hard to fix.  The only problem I have with the Fuji is the slow operation of the cameras.  I am still evaluating.

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