Its been a week, perhaps the initial gloss has worn off - how is the XT1 really?

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Its been a week, perhaps the initial gloss has worn off - how is the XT1 really?

Mixed reviews on this site about the XT1 from owners. Most seem to love it. A few have reported some issues. I don't how much of that is from incorrect setup of the camera etc.

So, AF on single shot is about the same as XE2? Is this right?

Continuous AF one report said did not lock on - is this user error or an issue with the camera (noone else reported this).

Tracking AF is very good.

Some report dust between cover glass and sensor - have you had a problem with this?

IQ - some complained about lack of "pop". A bit vague and could be several things but one report came from an experienced user of other X cameras. How do you find IQ? Sample images seem very good.

EVF - most love it. One complained about a glitter in some situations, another about noise.

4 way buttons - yep got that most dislike this along with the video button placement. Not good but not a deal breaker for me. Something to get used to I suppose and next model no doubt will correct this.

How's yours?

Skin tones - XE1 is very good. Is XT1 as good or a step backwards? ISO3200 and above plastic skin tones? Solvable by reducing NR to -2 or shoot in RAW?

The main selling aspect of XT1 over XE1 is AF speed, for me in single shot AF. Is it fast and workable or is fast but very limited as only centre PDAF points work and EVF black out makes it hard to centre the subject whilst panning?

I am thinking of it as a fast action back up for my A7r and for portraits as well (or for anything really). To me the competitor is A6000 which whilst not retro cool with loads of nice dials and styling seems to have the better AF and also the better sensor - 24.3mp upgraded Exmor. Plus is half the price and will use my FE lenses. I also have a range of XF lenses.

With the reservations posted I am beginning to wonder if its better to wait on Xpro2 or XT2 with a newer sensor. I tend to put sensor performance up above other considerations. XE1 and XT1 are stil the same basic sensor with no improvements to performance beyond PDAF.

What do you think?


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