Manual Lenses - or How I Learned to Love Craigslist

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Manual Lenses - or How I Learned to Love Craigslist

I have been using Sony Alpha Cameras for a long time but only recently made the jump to Mirrorless and the world of adapters for old MF lenses.   It was a revelation for a middle class guy  with Lens Acquisition Syndrome / Gear Lust.  Instead of looking at an $800 Sigma AF lens and wondering if I could afford it, now it was trying to find a perfect copy of a $50 lens.

I've made a few purchases from KEH and a local camera store, but what I really enjoy is finding folks who are selling their old photography kits.

Cameras have always been expensive luxury items.  Seeing a person's camera equipment is like taking a glimpse into their life.  The type of person I love to locate is someone who purchased a Minolta camera new and acquired lenses and accessories over time.  Slowly they found themselves shooting less and less.  Now maybe they have a digital point and shoot, or they just use their camera phone to take pictures of their grandchildren.  They've decided it's time to let the old camera kit go.  They may have interesting stories about where they bought things or how they used them.  They may be surprised to know their old lenses can live on in a digital world.

Here are some photos of one such acquisition I made yesterday.  The person in question bought the camera and lenses in Okinawa, and the total cost to me was $90.  I wanted to show you guys the haul this time.  Was it a great deal?  It saved me a few bucks for the two lenses I really wanted.  The point is really the experience, more than the money.  I got all the below plus some nice filters.

The camera body this time was an SRT101 in great shape with the original leather body case.

The 58/1.4 was my main reason for buying this stuff.  I was interested in getting one, and this one is in really nice condition.

The lenses included original caps and a vintage backcap.

Love that old Minolta Logo

Also included was a 135/2.8 with the original caps, case and lens shade.

I know, it's dusty.    But once again, it seems to be in very nice condition.

I've never seen a "Lucky Tokina" lens before.  I read that Lucky was a Japanese Enlarger company who partnered with Tokina at some point.

I must say that I have never seen a 28/3.0 before.  I could find no reference to one on the web in my initial searches.  I'm not sure if the material around the inside of the lens is supposed to look like that or is degrading somehow.

The lens also has two aperture rings, one locks and one rotates freely.

A 3x teleconvertor was also included with it's original case.  Seems like everyone had one of these (or at least a 2x).

There was  a set of Soligor close ups lenses too, also in a nice leather case.

I love old leather camera cases, it's a big part of the experience.

I didn't realize Minolta made and branded their own silica gel!

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