Obsession over - Oly em10 being ordered - EZ kit lens or Pana 12-32mm??

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Re: Obsession over - Oly em10 being ordered - EZ kit lens or Pana 12-32mm??

andrbar wrote:

techiecool wrote:

I believe someone said it doesn't. The oly ez kit lens has a handy feature of remote control of the zoom. Id imagine that would be handy during video on a tripod

Are you sure? What it lacks is a manual focus ring. But since it has a ring, I suppose it is for the manual zoom. I much prefer a manual zoom over an electrical one.

The Panny 12-32 DOES have a manual zoom ring. It does not have a manual Focus ring.

But, really, when was the last time you manually focused your kit lens? I don't recall ever doing so. I do manually focus my 45-200 and 100-300 when necessary.

Also, there are a couple of reviews now available that show the 12-32 to be optically better than the Oly 14-42, the Panny 14-45 and approaching the lofty 12-35 and 12-40 lenses. Very good for a little lens.

The Oly EZ 14-42 is the same optics as the 14-42 IIr as stated by Robin Wong. "The 14-42mm Pancake Zoom shares the same lens architecture as the current 14-42mm kit lens, with the same lens elements and groups, thus ensuring similar optical performance"

I had the regular IIr version of this lens and found it to be good but not great - not in the same league as the Panny 14-45. The 12-32 is in many ways better still.

I have the 12-32 silver version and have paired with my "silver" EPL5. The EPL5's silver is different from my EPM1's silver and the 12-32 is in-between.

Note: the OIS works very well with the EPL5 but will not work with the EPM1.


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