Apeture and Shutter Speed

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Re: Apeture and Shutter Speed

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Something doesn't add up here. If many people are already asking you about you taking their photos, you must be doing something right. But then you say you're having a terrible time with some shots. So either people are willing to pay for poor shots or what they want you to do is in different conditions from the ones you describe.

That was my reaction also.

Something I found helpful ... using a white foam manikin head partly covered with flesh-colored hose. I spent quite a bit of time with different lighting from windows, diy reflectors, bounce flash, etc. And learned a lot.

Or with a tripod, try lots of different things with yourself as the subject and 10 second timer.

I'm inclined to like camera on tripod, bounce flash, with 1/200th second, relatively shallow f-stop like f2.8, and whatever ISO that works out to be ... usually about 200 to 800.

FWIW: with groups with 4+ people, you may have two rows of people, and need smaller f-stop like f5.6 or f8 to have enough depth-of-field.

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