This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

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Re: JPGs are better than most suppose...

Mazymus wrote:

aaanouel wrote:

RAW files are great because of having lots of info for processing and recovering, OK!, but beyond RAW lovers imagination, you can also do great jobs from JPGs, in fact I shot RAWs only in very special occasions.

Original JPEG

Processed JPEG

I'd probably get better results shooting in RAW but this is just enough for me and saving A LOT of memory space in my hard disks.

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Point well taken. Beautiful shot

File sizes are not THAT much different if you go for superfine... from my experience

My RAW files are 19.4Mb
JPEgs are 11-16.8Mb in superfine.

And just to note that you can recover more from an under exposed shot than you can from an over exposed shot. If the pixels are pure white there ain't a lot you can do.

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