70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

TTMartin wrote:

David Hull wrote:

His whole argument hinges on his assumption that Canon has some secret sauce buried in their RAW file that only they can decode with DPP. The problem with that is that he is not able to come up with a defensible argument as to why Canon would not reveal this as part of their SDK to the third party RAW converter vendors.

I don't remember you ever asking for one.

Canon may feel that the competitive advantage they have in camera data throughput, which might be compromised if they release it in the SDK, outweighs any negative in perceived DR differences.

Its pretty compelling watching a video comparing the D7100 and the 70D and seeing the D7100 bog down after 3 or 4 RAW shots.

Canon equipment clearly performs worse than Nikon and Sony in this particular area, it is an often discussed and well known fact which (if TTMartin is to be believed) is relatively easy for Canon to fix by just revealing to the other vendors how to decode their "secret sauce". Canon would stand to gain nothing by holding back the info, after all, they don't sell their SW, and hardly anyone uses it. Again, if his premise is true, Canon is deliberately putting themselves at a huge disadvantage by not sharing this supposedly secret info with the other third party RAW converter makers.

Canon provides DPP free. Canon provides tutorials on how to integrate DPP with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge.

Canon may not see it as a huge disadvantage. I have yet to see any field test where the RAW files were made available that shows a substantial (i.e the 2 stops shown by DxOMark tests) difference in the dynamic range of Canon and a competitor.

I do believe that Nikon has a slight advantage in dynamic range. But, it is more like half a stop and not the 2+ stops purported by DxOMark.

If it were this easy, they would have fixed it by not. Additionally the TP RAW converter manufacturers aren't that stupid. They would have reverse engineered the thing by now if there were anything to this. There are better explanations for this behavior that hold up to sound mathematical system analysis without having to resort to any hand-waving mumbo jumbo.

Dave you have in the past asked for lens cap RAW files to take noise readings on. Are you able to make those same type of readings on TIFF files? If so would you please do RAW to TIFF conversions using Canon DPP, and 3rd party RAW converters like DCRAW and ACR and compare the noise readings?

Now I have to load DPP :-(.  Outside of that I only have ACR to compare to.  I'll try this when I get time.  I DO have some lens cap shots.

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