micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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One last thing Re: micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

I brought in the GX7 to try with the Panasonic 20mm (great lens) and the Olympus 45 (got 2 that were decentered),  then got the Sigma 30 and 60. I liked the camera a lot, I shoot at low ISO so noise was not an issue, but it was the dead of this winter and there was no way to really evaluate the camera. It felt good, the lenses were small, the zoom it came with was terrible to my eyes. I test all of my lenses when they come in against a brick wall with camera on a tripod and no issues with the zoom or the others, just the 45mm. What I did not like were the new style controls where all is with wheels.

Enter Fuji XF deal, going on now and into March in USA and Canada

I brought in the XE1 as I did not believe the XE2 offered that much more if anything and the XT1 is not my cup of T, I like the sleeker styling of these other cameras.

Got the Kit lens as it is about the best Kit lens out there

Also bought the following in APSc terms, 14, 23, 27 and 60.  The 23 was decentered, and I have heard this being a small issue but an issue. The second one is better but it is for me big. What I like is the the lack of Noise in RAW with (what some way is NR applied) but I cannot see it. You have to be selective with fuji XTrans on Raw processors. The 14mm is a wonderful lens as is the 60, the zoom is the best Kit zoom I have seen but so far has seen little use, the 27mm is great. I will probably exchange the 23mm due to it's size and get the 35mm (due to it's size). The camera feels good, the GX7 felt a bit big at the grip, but you may like it, or the Oly's you have mentioned.

Good luck, lot's of good information in this thread for you.

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