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FDecker wrote:

I remember times when HIFI gear was almost completely judged by the masses by one of the most irrelevant numbers, max power of a 1kHz sinus in Watt at the maximum allowed harmonic distortion level defined by DIN45500. The real music lovers who were interested in HIFI as well knew that this number had no meaning at all. But still, 98% of amplifiers was sold by this number. Times have changed and a broader range of people now know that there is much more about music reproduction than sinus power.

That was a very similar situation to this. Manufacturers were trying to maximize their specs to impress the consumer. 25 watts RMS at low distortion became 100 watts RMS at higher distortion became 250 watts peak power, the numbers going up but the real quality going down. Now you see the same thing going on with home theatre, with figures for contrast ratios, refresh rate, response time etc. These figures are useful but with few standards in the measurement process it is hard to compare different TV's.

As Roland has pointed out, MP comparisons are only meaningful between sensors of the same design. Comparing MP's between different designs becomes much more subjective.

I personally find that dynamic range is the sensor specification that I am most concerned about. To my eyes it affects picture quality more than resolution. I am hoping that the new sensor will be able to reach deeper into the shadows and clean up the darker areas of the frame.



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