What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Re: What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

I didn't read all the responses but I'm from the who cares camp. Why is this such an issue for photographers?

Are there plumbing forums having the same discussion? Or accountant forums having the same discussion? I wonder if there is a prostitute forum discussing the issue.

If a person works at a hardware store as a cashier and they only work 2 days a week to supplement their income in order to continue living indoors, is that person a professional cashier or just a cashier? Is a full time cashier a professional?

Is there a cashier forum somewhere where part time cashiers get picked apart because they are not professional as defined by the professional cashiers?

What about a part time line cook? Is he a professional?

It's silly. How about everyone just go about their business and not worry what other people do or call themselves.

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