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Ok,  I'm you! Once I started up the digital path I went from XT1 to 50D (should have bought the 40D instead of the XT1)  the I moved to the 5D Mark II to get what I wanted out of my lenses, most bought for an EOS 3 FF. To the 5D II I added the 7D for sports since I felt the 5D II wasn't really up to the task. My 50D focused better. Who would have thought.

Then a friend showed me his new 1D IV and I was hooked and had to have one. So I worked very happily with my 5D II and 1D IV.  That is until I saw the 5D III and realized it was what I always wanted the Mark II to be. FF with great AF.  So then I had the 5D III and 1D IV and thought I was set. Then  my friend (or crack dealer may be more appropriate) said save some money sell them both and get a 1D X.  So I got the 1D  X and sold my mint 1D IV. Problem was I didn't want to give up the 5D III!  So now I have  both and have no regrets. Size was never an issue since from my first XT 1 I always had a grip and L bracket. Also, I've  really done a lot of shooting lately where I really need two cameras for road races and other sporting events. Yes, a 1D IV probably would serve me just as well and often I think of posting my 1D X up for trade but haven't done it yet. Besides it's gotten really hard to find a 1D IV in mint condition like the one I had before.

My recommendation is to buy what makes you happy, what gets the job done, and what you can afford. That's what has worked for me.

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