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The distinction of an 'amateur' is a strange one. The proffessional paid to photograph the olympics or major sporting events is rare, their equipment rented or provided by the employer. Most 'professional' photographers scrape out a living with whatever they can afford, photographing whatever they are told to.

No one gets paid to spend countless hours stalking birds with a 600mm lens. The idea that it could ever be a paying proposition is humorous. The idea that any photographic career could be lucrative is becoming equally absurd.  The "only an amateur" mindset is wrong. "Professionals"  wish they could be amateurs, photographing whatever they wanted using the best gear provided by another life. The serious amateur drives the equipment market.

If you can afford the very best, buy it and enjoy it. Be the wealthy amateur the professional would aspire to be.

The 1DX series have many benefits above not needing an umbrella, focus speed, high ISO performance, burst rate, durability and longer product cycle life. With a New York dealer selling them at $5,200 they seem very reasonable. The pixel race is over, future improvements are mostly video related. If you don't want to pay for better video now is a good time to buy in.

Global TV and CBC news crews sent to the far north had stills equipment the same as mine or much worse. They were very happy to use my shots and maintain my complete amateur status, they really craved video!  Of late I have great shots of several people that shortly after become deceased in a newsworthy way.

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