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Re: 7D users, noise question...

Depends on the subject and shooting conditions. If the subject isn't moving, or if motion blur might actually be desired (light trails from traffic, blurred moving water, etc.), and I have a tripod, I shoot with a low ISO and long exposure. If I need faster shutter speeds for the subject (e.g. to stop motion), I'm not afraid to use high ISO (3200, 6400). A lens with good IS is a compromise between these two situations. With my 24-105, I can shoot handheld at 24mm as low as 1/5 without camera shake. I shoot everything except sports in RAW, so the NR setting in camera isn't relevant. When I shoot sports, I have the NR set to low for the JPEGs. I find that's usually enough, all the way up to ISO 3200. If it isn't, I add a bit more NR in Lightroom. I find the NR in Lightroom is good enough that I never use a separate NR program (I have Noise Ninja and Topaz and Nik) anymore. Once you get the hang of processing your RAWs in Lightroom, you realize that all the people who complain about noise on the 7D simply don't know how to process their shots. Masked sharpening is very important. I always apply a mask of between 60 and 70 to my sharpening, which prevents sharpening of noise and OOF areas.

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