Renting a X-Vario - any tips and trix?

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Re: Renting a X-Vario - any tips and trix?

Great camera. I'm sure you will love the rich output and its handling.

I set Sharpness to the High setting, and I usually have the Review mode set to Zoom, to quickly and more critically check focus.

The camera's Auto setting tends to reach for low Shutter speeds, as already mentioned, so particularly  in low light it's best to think about your ISO and exposure beforehand and set it up (at least partly) manually.

Don't worry about using ISO 3200, or even 6400 in a pinch. As DxO just confirmed, the sensor actually excels in low light/high ISO.  The resulting noise is more like soft film grain and is usually pleasing to the image.

You have to be a bit more pensive and deliberate to get the most out of this camera, but it's worth it, and becomes a joy, not a burden, to use.

Also, with Image Stabilization turned On, the camera will sometimes take 2 photos consecutively, and combine the best sharpness of each image. It works surprisingly well most times, but you have to remember this and hold those low light shots steady beyond that first shutter click.

Out of camera images require very little post processing, in general, but the photos really come to life by tweaking sharpness and levels in PP just a bit.

Also, as Rodrigue mentioned, the manual focus implementation is wonderful.  If you are into candid or street photography, I would definitely play around with zone focusing (presetting the approximate focus distance).  With this, combined with the camera's quick and quiet shutter, you can wonderfully capture that decisive moment.

The soft bokeh is also wonderful, so I would definitely play around with depth of field too (not just with close ups).  This is one area where the lens defies the specs.

Use a fast card and take lots of practice shots to get to know her nature and to bond with her. Once you realize how this camera handles light, color, and shadows - you will see your shots in a different way.

I hope you enjoy the X Vario as much as I do.   Cheers.

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