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Aspiringtobe wrote:

I have taken a few classes trying to improve my skills but there is something that is simply bugging me. I have a Nikon D3200 and I try my best to get the Aperture and Shutter speed right for indoor photographs without flash, but I seem to be having a terrible time. They come out blurry or underexposed and I was just curious if maybe someone could offer a little bit of friendly insight into what I may be doing wrong.

Could it be that as a result of your photography classes, you are trying to do your photography with "Full Manual Control"? This is a guaranteed method to get poor results when you are starting out.

Try one of the semi-auto modes of the camera (P, A or S), use a fast lens if you have one (e.g. prime lens f/1.8 or better) and a tripod. Either use available light, studio lights or flash. Look at the metadata (EXIF) of the images and adjust your settings as required.

See EXIF for this shot:

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