Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

I do not believe in a FF Pentax as long as the DSLR market stay overcrowded.

A FF Pentax could not expect a lot of sale on this already overcrowded FF DSLR market, and with the challenging mirrorless FF from Sony attracting all reviewer lights.

Pentax-Ricoh is a medium sized company on a crowded decreasing market: entry level compacts are difficult to sell even at bargain prices, because everybody already has either a smartphone or an older compact P&S, and does not see the need to buy one.

DSLR APS-C have suffered from the mirrorless concurrence, and their price have dropped very low, on a decreasing market, which means lower cashflows for everybody.

Simultaneously almost all APS-C or 4/3rds ILC offer now a high image quality, good high ISO performance, fast operations and comprehensive handling. Except for enthusiasts or pro markets, the marketing is now on gadgets, such as tactile screens.

And it looks like the next battle between Canon and Nikon could be the FF DSLR whose sensor prices are lower every year.

Moreover, the enthusiast camera market is also challenged by Panasonic, Sony, Olympus and Fuji, with innovative and high quality products.

As for Pentax-Ricoh, they already have a unique pro top quality camera with the 645. They might fear that a FF Pentax DSLR might challenge the 645 market.

So in my opinion, the challenge for Ricoh-Pentax is to survive in an overcrowded difficult market.

The merge with Ricoh is rather a good thing for Pentax, because the Ricoh shares the same enthusiasm for high quality and innovating, whereas the previous owners or alliees where not interested in the Pentax camera division: Samsung only wanted to acquire Pentax unique know-how in designing responsive cameras, just like Sony with Minolta, and Hoya only wanted the profitable medical optics division, and had nothing to do with popular cameras.

I thing in 2014 Ricoh-Pentax priority is to make money on their outstanding APSC DSLR K50, K5-II and K3.

I think a FF DSLR or mirrorless Pentax will come in 4 or 5 years, once the price battles between Canon, Nikon will be over, and the challengers Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, and Fuji will also have taken their shares, and will accept to sell their FF captors to a potential concurrent.

The main argument for FF being the future of DSLR is, in my opinion, the fact that manufacturing costs are close to APS-C, except for the sensor, and that it is very difficult to make wide angle lenses for APS-C DSLR.

As for APS-C and 4/3rd, now that electronic eye view finders offer good quality at an affordable price, I thing their future will be in mirrorless cameras, such as Sony Nex6 or alpha 6000,  or Olympus OM, whereas APS-C DSLR will progressively be replaced by  FF DSLR.

Mirrorless cameras offer a more appealing solution for entry-level photographers, because they are much smaller for the same IQ.

For enthusiast photographers, it is just a matter of 2 or 3 years until the big manufactures will offer an extensive lens choice, Sony Olympus and Fuji already are in this path. Once the lens choice will be sufficient, most enthusiast will move to compacity, because DSLR are too clumsy and heavy to carry them along everyday.

And a mirror is a noisy device which also makes it difficult to have high burst rates or high performance videoshooting or liveview. Its only advantage was, until recently, a better viewer experience and allowing a more efficient phase detection autofocus. And obviously this soon will be obsolete with the improving technology for mirrorless EVF and autofocus.

I hope that at this time Ricoh-Pentax will still be on the market and offer Pentaxists the choice between moving to Pentax full-frame K-mount (reflex or EVF), and staying on APS-C whith an adapter ring to a new compact mirrorless Pentax ILC, such as did Sony with the Nex series.

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