HELP!!! K3 misbehAving OR I may be confused

Started Mar 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
brecklundin Senior Member • Posts: 1,995
Does anyone else think the WB is not right?

I agree there are other settings maybe off, but I see the WB is not right.  Something is buggering the color and not knowing what Pentax does to JPG's I sense that even though that over all there is no apparent colorcast, something about the colors in general feel like it's more than a filter.  My thought was WB is really reading things way wrong.

So maybe a CTE WB shot or just AWB?  Then some test shots?  And of course the color mode (Vibrant, Natural, muted, etc...) will have an effect too.  I say reset the whole camera to ground zero and shoot a shot in manual in RAW+JPG and see how the shots look side by side.

But the OP can look at it this way, you got some interesting non-mainstream results there...take the credit shot shooting "outside the box" never admit to shooting inside the green-box.  

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