micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

I recently switched from APSC to MFT. One thing i prided my camera on was noise performance. I had a K5-IIs and it was the first APSC camera to pass the 1200 mark on DXO's ISO test. Now, i own a GX7 and i don't know if it is better PS software or the GX7 but the files clean up extremely well. It seems i lose very little detail when i use NR, that is a good thing. Long story short, i went from a very good ISO performing APSC to a compact ILC and i have no regrets.

Also keep in mind, my Pentax K5 had over 14 stops of DR, it was the best APSC of it's time for most sides of IQ. The thing is, when you convert to jpeg, you crush that DR down to under 9 stops. All that extra DR is more for editing, or for compressing a single photo into an HDR type photo. The DR whores of the community are usually landscapers, and if you must have better than the 12+ stops of MFT, you can simply bracket.

In all honesty, coming from a very high rated camera (the pentax), i am every bit just as impressed with my GX7 and it offers features that benefit me far more than 12 points on a DXO IQ chart. Focus peaking, real time exposure, electronic shutter, these are the things im gaining here in MFT. This is just my experience but i really don't think you need to worry about IQ. Also keep in mind Fuji tends to overstate it's ISO. For the same lighting using auto ISO, they are just about even with the rest of the APSC pack. In otherwords, when the X-E1 is set to ISO 6400, it's really only giving you around ISO 4000.

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