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Re: 1DX for amateur

rebel99 wrote: i have to say that 1Dx is completely in a different class by itself. you can only understand that if you own and use one!

Well, I bought one a few weeks ago and I can't see that. I've a 1Div as well and a 1Dsiii.

It's ergonomically better and has better low-light ISO and so on, but...

It's a natural tendency if you buy something very expensive to say that's it's the bees knees, but...

One thing it does have which I love is a highlight preserving setting. This IS terrific.

My advice to people considering its purchase is to wait a couple of years and get it for half the price, or less, secondhand.

I bought mine secondhand from a camera shop in England with less than 1000 clicks on it. Completely as new. It still had the sticky stuff on the LCDs.

I've had 1Ds, 1Dsii, 1Dsiii, 1Div and now this.

The only one I bought new was the 1Div.

If you stay behind the times, as it were, you can get the best for half price or less.

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