micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

I can't speak from experience about the Fuji option, though I know I'd be considering it if I were switching today instead of a few months ago, when I bought my E-M1. My guess is that I'd still pick the E-M1, but that might be colored by how much I've become attached to it in this short time.

I also switched from a Nikon camera, in my case, a D300 I'd used for both personal and limited pro use (I shoot products, some stock photography and portraits). It was a big switch for me, but I've found this camera and system brilliant. Here's what I like about it:

1) The E-M1's ergonomics are the best I've ever used. The 2x2 dial system puts my four most-used functions (aperture, exposure compensation, ISO and white balance) under the control of my right thumb and forefinger. Everything can be customized to the nth degree.

2) The image quality is plenty good enough for professional use. If and when I get a client who wants an image the size of a bus, I'll rent a D800. I know the dynamic range limits me in the very lowest light, but see item 3 coming up.

3) The in-body stabilization is amazing! I can handhold the 20-40 lens down to 1/10 of a second and sometimes even lower. This makes up for any dynamic range limitations in low light, unless you're shooting action. Because it's in body, every lens is stabilized, from fisheyes, through long telephotos.

4) The lens selection is great and you can buy absolutely top notch quality for reasonable prices. The 75/1.8 is maybe the sharpest lens I've ever used and it is making me money. I started taking portraits with it and I'm now getting references for more jobs because people are reacting to how good these shots look. Even the cheap lenses, such as the kit 40-150 lens sold with some of the Pen bodies, are quite good.

5) I can use legacy lenses or almost any lens which can make an image via a cheap adapter and it will be stabilized. I'm dragging out old manual focus macros and telephotos, just for fun. When the weather gets better, I'm even going to try a 600mm mirror lens - stabilized.

6) The autofocus is very good. Some say it's not fast enough for birds in flight, but for normal life, it does not keep you waiting and it is spot on accurate. There is no such thing as doing AF fine tuning for a lens (as on Nikons) because with contrast detect, that isn't needed. The eye detect feature also makes focusing portraits a breeze.

7) The camera is small enough to make for a very portable kit, but big enough to give you a decent grip. The darned grip is made to almost grab you, instead of the other way around.

All this said, I can see where the Fuji X-t1 should be a consideration, but as you can tell, this old Nikon user is happy with his E-M1 (and E-PM2, for my wife).

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