7D users, noise question...

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Re: 7D users, noise question...

Fish Chris wrote:

Say you find yourself with less light than you might prefer, but you "do" have, either a tripod, or something to seat your camera on....

So of course your options are to either just go with as long a shutter as you need, to get enough light, 'or' bump up your ISO.

Now of course I know, both longer exposures, as well as higher ISO's increase the tendency for noise, but how do you like to balance these things ^ with your 7D, for the most noise free shots possible ?

The higher ISO is a much bigger problem when it comes to increasing noise. On the other hand, having bought a 7D, I did so because I need and want a camera that is good for action shooting, so I seldom really expect to have the luxury of long exposures.

I'd go with the longest exposure that would work with my subject, but I would definitely prefer to PP noise out than to get photos with motion blur, which IMO ruins them.


Oh, and speaking of noise..... I've read that many 7D users turn off the noise reduction feature in the camera, as (If I'm not mistaken) they prefer to do this themselves in PP ?

....so I was going through my menus, and saw that my noise reduction is already switched off.

What's your take on this ? Let the camera do it for you ? Do it yourself ? Oh, but if you think you can do a better job, you have to show me how also LOL

I use very basic settings - NR low, saturation bumped one notch, etc. - nothing drastic - because generally I much prefer for my good shots to be PP'd instead of trying to get perfect shots SOOC.

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