How accurate should I expect AF on a 35mm 1.8 to be?

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Re: How accurate should I expect AF on a 35mm 1.8 to be?

The Big One wrote:

I assume this is the 1.8 DX lens? If not, please disregard this comment.

I had this lens, but found the AF to inaccurate depending on lighting temperature. Indoors (tungsten) it would front focus heavily, outdoors it would be different. (This was not even getting into different focus distances and apertures, which further confused things). I don't know if the problem was my camera, the lens, or the combo, but I sold it and got a Sigma 30/1.4, and it worked great in all conditions (still required a fine tune value, as do all of my lenses, but it was consistent across lighting conditions, focal distance, aperture, etc).

Anyway, if you have it working fine in real world shooting, great, but if you are getting inconsistent results, look at the lighting temperature as a possible contributing factor.


This is the 1.8, but I am not seeing a lot of the color temperature issue. I will keep an eye out. Thanks!

calson wrote:

For any lenses I buy them from B&H as they have a 30-day returns policy and full refund so long as all the original packaging and manuals etc. are sent back. With a Canon 24mm f1.4 lens it took 3 tries to get a good copy and the last one I ended up sending to Canon to fix under warranty.

I would use the setting to review the pictures with ViewNX and see where the camera actually is focusing. If it is the target you selected then I would send a CD with your pictures along with the lens to Nikon to have them adjust it under warranty.

Well I swapped and got one about 1.2 better (still some back focus close up at 1.8, but by maybe 3mm).

I think when shooting close up and 1.8, or even portraits at 1.8, I might just have to live with LiveView which is always spot on (I HATE how slow it is to shoot though).  It just kills me that my 50mm 1.8 has no issue like this at all.

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