micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

Steve wrote:
(one newbie question: would a 18-135 lens on the fuji be much larger than the same on an OMD ? is an APC lens the same size regardless whether there is a mirror in the camera ?

Fuji's 18-135 hasn't been released yet. It's supposed to be here sometime in the first half of this year (IIRC) but there's been no further information on release dates, or size, since it was announced in January.

Lenses for mirrorless cameras are usually smaller than lenses for DSLRs with the same sensor size. The Fuji 18-135 will probably be smaller than equivalent Canon and Nikon lenses but nothing is absolutely certain at this point.

An equivalent lens on M43 will be smaller due to the reduced size of the M43 sensor.

Fuji has notably better IQ--and narrower DOF--than M43 but has slower autofocus.

M43 is infamous for its shutter shock issue, which results in blurred images at commonly used shutter speeds.

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