Heavy metal Noctilux shoots Dir en Grey

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Heavy metal Noctilux shoots Dir en Grey

I managed to swing a photographer's pass to shoot at a heavy metal gig that is a part of one of the many music festivals on this time of year in Australia.

It was always going to be a case of pot luck from the outset I guess as I was determined to shoot mainly with the Monochrom/Noctilux combo. I brought along the EM1 as insurance for AF and stuff in case I could not focus adequately with the RF in what was unknown lighting.

I was in what they call the pit area between the crowd barrier and the end of the stage.. From get go, I regretted relying on the rangefinder as it was near impossible to achieve any kind of critical focus. The band was moving about way too much and the spot lights were straight into my eye front on. So a great deal of shooting from the side gave me a better result. I could barely see the LCD while shooting so I was pretty happy to get the keepers I did. It was great not to have to worry about white balance issues as the lights were the usual red and blue and not to mention flickering on and off as well. I took 219 images all up and more from the EM1 on account of trying out the AF. I thought the EM1 performed impeccably under the conditions. ISO was set to 3200 on both cameras. I shot mainly between 1.4 and 4 with the Noctilux and tried it out to f4 as well with the Oly.12-40 kit.

Anyway, I would like to share a few images with you and happy to hear your thoughts of course.

By the way, I know I could have push the ISO all the way to 10,000 with the Monochrom. I just wanted to keep the noise manageable without having to deal with it in post.

I took one shot with the Sony A7R/55 combo right at the start but put it away for the rest of the evening as I had the focus assist light on and I couldn't see the LCD to turn it off. Lesson to remember for next time ..... set everything up before going to shoot. Especially when you have crappy eyesight like I do.

Oh, did I say ... my ears are still ringing. The speakers were 1-2 feet away at face level. Ha ha that was an experience. By the way, Dir en Grey is the name of the touring heavy metal Japanese band. And, no .... I had never heard of them prior LOL. Neko Case is more my style (who I hear you say??? :-D)

The other guy in the pit was much more sensible .... he had two high end DLSRs with the two larger zooms covering 24-200.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your weekend.


Olympus E-M1 Sony Alpha 7R
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