70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

Started Jan 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Oops, my point was...

My point was while watching this well camouflaged owl (I was wearing RealTree gear) I thought to my self for the same money plus a few hundred I could buy a 6D in July and have more high ISO low noise room. But then when it spread its wings I might get a couple frames but more likely get 6 or more with the 70D or even the 7D. And I simply do not have the oumph to pack two DSLRs around. The recent D600 advisory and completely too darn late offer to fix the oil on sensors of that model totally puts me off Nikon. I don't need that kind of grief.

The 70D will have plenty enough dynamic range for me especially after I learn how to use flash properly and have bought the equipment.

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