X-S1: Suggested Settings for Beginners

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X-S1: Suggested Settings for Beginners

Congrats to anyone who just got the X-S1. I'm no expert (to say the least!) but after only a couple of weeks, it has rapidly become my favorite camera. One of the most confusing things when I got it was to find what settings I liked/wanted to try. I assume other beginners will be wondering the same thing so I thought I'd share my initial conclusions here, FWIW (and with the hope others will make suggestions for improvements in these and/or post recommended settings of their own).

1. Aperture and Shutter Priority. I started with the smallest AF-S possible, but now I'm keeping it in AF-C (because I've read it -may- make focusing a little faster and I see no disadvantage so far).  Oddly, the color of the image seems different whether in A or S mode, but both are easy to select and choose between.

I have the Film Simulation set to Standard (Provia).  DR100%.  JPEG only.  ISO: AUTO (200)

I seem to like Spot metering best, followed by "average", followed last by "pattern" which is the EXR Auto's default. I'm using burst mode at +/- 1/3 stops, but most of the time the camera doesn't seem to need it. Sometimes, it exposes "right" but there's some nice effect from over- or under- exposure anyway, so that's kind of my choice for now.

2. EXR. On my camera, EXR AUTO often seems to overexpose a little and even though it says it is choosing EXR HR, EXR SN or EXR DR, when I go directly to those settings, they look different (and imo, better).

EXR HR uses 12MP while the other two use 6MP.  I haven't printed anything out to comment one way or the other on what this would mean to a print; on my computer, both are fine.

In EXR I am mainly using EXR HR ("high resolution") and EXR SN (for low light), still with AF-C and burst mode at +/- 1/3).

ISO -- AUTO (400) or AUTO (800) . Would like to hear opinions about this esp. too.  Image size L (4:3) when possible. Image Quality F.

Film Simulation: Standard (Provia)

WB -- Auto. Color, Sharpness, etc. etc. --just the factory defaults, although I've seen it recommended to put NR to Low but I haven't tried it yet.

Face Detection, Face Recog etc. : OFF

3. I also like ADV Low Light Mode.  And I liked Scene for Sunset but thought the "Greenery" and "Flowers" colors weren't as nice as some other settings (inc. A and S). Personally, I wouldn't choose them. I haven't tried most of the others.

4. Misc. I turned off the "Preview" completely in case it speeds up the processing time. Have EVF (great EVF!!) set at 50fps, but I'm not sure why one would choose 30fps instead. I have pretty much everything displayed. My biggest recommendation to someone (because I'm trying to force myself to do it since it's such valuable info) would be to learn to read and use the histogram.

Looking forward to any suggestions and recommendations (hopefully without copying the entire post--sorry it's so long.... )


Fujifilm X-S1
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