70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Right on.

Thanks a heap TTMartin! That is a huge difference.

I will be taking a much closer look at my ACR before and after PP and replicating the efforts in DPP.

Nearing sundown, cloudy days, there are plenty of reasons to shoot in less than optimal lighting especially if one doesn't like or isn't good at flash photography yet.

I mostly didn't like DPP because I have to swith monitors to get it to work and then switch back afterwards, annoying but now looks to be well worth the effort.

I watched a Grey Owl for at least 20 minutes today, less than 30 feet away, and the sun was just starting to fade and the owl was surrounded by dead branches and water he was very attentive to.

It stayed put while I swung my FlipSide AW 400 pack and mounted my EOS-M and FD 70-300, extended and screwed the feet onto my heavy mono-pod and pivoted the lens and made clacking sounds. As long as I waited until it pivoted its head before I started each set of movements. Surprisingly I was able to repack everything too. I walked a couple steps and he lifted his wings and off he went deeper into the swamp and dead branch almost out of sight. All of this exorcise was to teach myself the limits of disturbance in his presence. I had run out of battery a half hour before. I had left my extras in a smaller bag at home. I have double vision so it is not likely I will spot one again in a years time, but still it was a very cool 20 minutes.

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